Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Portfolio Manifesto


My first assignment when I started working for the church was working on the design and layout of a book chronicling the achievements of the presiding bishopric as they were preparing to be released.

It was a really fun project because my team and I started from scratch to come up with a design direction. We brainstormed ideas for the look and feel of the book, made sketches and came up with a style and design grid that was both elegant and a little grungy. The outgoing presiding bishopric were all ranchers, so we were able to incorporate the church's cattle brand into the design.

Bird's of the Aviary was a coloring book I created with the Tracy Aviary at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. All of the birds from A-Z are residents of the aviary and I worked with their education specialists to make sure all bird drawings were represented accurately. The book is available in the gift shop or pages can be downloaded from their website.

What Shape am I was a children's book to help teach young children about shapes.


Each bird illustrated in the book is a different shape.

Kelly Packer is a folk/pop singer from Idaho. I designed this CD booklet for her album "breathe/easy".


For this project created for the Regional Theater of the Palouse in Pullman Washington, I created cartoony representations of some of the fairy tale characters featured in the production.

Book of Mormon Challenge was a remade version of an existing board game. I created the board, quiz challenge cards, and character game pieces based on prophets in the Book of Mormon.

This was a letter-pressed poster created to advertise a Critique and Feast for the Senior graduating class at the Art Institute and members of the design community.


I earned my associate of Fine Arts Degree from Dixie State college studying under Del Parson, Anton Gerring, and Glen Blakley. I later graduated Magna Cum Laude from the prestigious Art Institute with a  Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design.

In the past I have designed Logos, brochures, advertisements, posters, banners, interpretive panels, business cards and signs. 

I have designed and laid out several books, many over 100 pages long. I have illustrated 3 children's books and a coloring book. 

I was awarded the mark of excellence award from the society of professional journalism for a series of political cartoons published in the Dixie Sun. My artwork and photography have appeared in magazines including St. George Magazine and Salt Lake City Magazine. 

I live in West Valley. When not designing, I enjoy making paper cranes, going to rock concerts, playing guitar and punching people in the throat.

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