Thursday, June 23, 2011

an old Self Portrait

Hey, to get any thoughts going, I wanted to post this old illustration I did.  It was a remake of project my high school art teacher would make us do.  We created a profile outline, and then filled it in using art to represent who we were.  So this shows one way you can vary the concept of a self portrait.  I still plan to post other self portraits, since this is a project from the past.  

Thursday, June 2, 2011

May 2011 challenge

The challenge for the month of May is to destroy the abomination above me. WE NEED LOGOS, and they need to be cool as cuss. Come up with any way to portray the title of "The Creative Think Machine", whether it be graphic design, illustration, photography, sculptures out of found objects, there is no limit to creativity. Banner sizes can vary, so just make something longish. Also, you can create a PNG with transparency. Peace out, and create on!

P.S. Feel free to explore themes or design a background image that would go with your design. Preferably seamless in repetition. It might be fun to change the blog up every few months or so. Also, you can explore CTM as a logo option.

a few more logos

I went with the idea of eradicating any sort of pre-conceived ideas from our minds.  In essence, that is creativity.  Creating something out of nothing.  So that is where the head explosion came from.  Then I evolved a font gun, but then I was thinking about the saying "think out of the box" and I thought well, why does it even have to be a box to begin with?  Which gave me the idea of the exploding box.  The logos are still kind of rough, and could stand a good beating of feedback, but I had fun creating them.