1: Do not limit yourself!  If the challenge of the month requires you to do work that is out of your comfort zone, and ends up looking amateurish, don’t worry, that is the whole point of the blog. 

2. Give appropriate feedback.  Since challenges cover a wide range of disciplines, the feedback should focus on creative approaches.  But ask for technical feedback if so desired, and feel free to share links and tutorials to improve our technical skills as necessary. 

3. Tags.  Make sure you tag your posts so they correspond to the proper pages.  Tag each post with your own name, if it corresponds to a weekly or monthly challenge, and keep in mind any other tags as necessary, such as “illustration”, “photography”, “sculpture”,  etc. 

4. When posting images, target a width of at least 640 pixels (or Xtra-large).  Lets make the images big enough to see clearly.

5. If you want to contribute, email me: