Friday, December 14, 2012

kevinzico portfolio

I have a Bachelor's of Fine Art Degree from BYU and have worked on 4 Student Emmy Award winning animated shorts, a Sundance premiering FX short, and an award winning commercial (at least it was a few months ago).

Here's my Demo Reel:

Here's the award winning commercial:

Here's one of the things I did for the LDSBC:

Here's what I've spent a few years of my life working on in Maya, during free time:

Here's a Batman drawing that almost got me a cool gig:

Here's a commissioned portrait:

And here is what is going to come after you on December 20:

If you wanna see drawings go to:

During this Christmas season, I recommend watching: The Miracle Maker, and The Nativity Story
I like cantaloupe and spinach!

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