Thursday, October 24, 2013

Redemption- Saving the Soul of Low Art

Not all art is created equal. Walk into your local DI and you'll be surrounded by this kind of stuff:

Low and high art can be a matter of opinion. Some people look down on comic books, which is just sad. For this exercise go ahead and make it personal. Find something that artistically disgusts you, that makes you want to laugh or cry, and save its soul. Give it new life. Take some aspect of the "low" art and make it high. Stained glass graffiti, Lisa Frank on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, classical Greek sculpture of Ren & Stimpy, whatever you want. It can be either an original drawing/painting or you can simply manipulate existing images to get the same effect. Don't just leave the kitsch in your grandma's attic, spruce it up a little and put it in the Louvre!

Don't do this, because it's already been done:

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