Thursday, September 26, 2013

Previous Months Challenges

2013 Redemption Challenges - This is your opportunity to make up for the sin of SLOTH!  (not to be confused with the Sloth of Cyn, which is a giant killer sloth from the ancient city of Cyn which he guards, and if you disrupt it or take it's treasures it will hunt you down and very slowly attack you with it's giant claws.  Don't mess with him!)

Choose a challenge from this past year to work on for September.  Choose from the following:

February 2013 Challenge – Acting Childish

Children see the world in a different way.  Their idea of shape, and form and structure are far from how we understand it.  If we can potentially see the world from their point of view, we can open our eyes to realms of creativity we never thought possible.  Find child art, and mimic it.  Try to see the world the way a child does.  Take a look at Dave Devries' website for further inspiration:

March 2013 Challenge – Commitment to a Pattern

Oh, so you are an artist, that’s so cool, I am too.  I love to do art all the time.  You know that exciting feeling you get when you create art, or with each new challenge from this blog?  That is creativity!  And that creativity has the power to change your life forever!  Thinking about art as a pattern, is a completely different way of thinking.  Design and art have to be unique, with variety, but also with symmetry and a repeat.  So creating a pattern becomes a unique challenge.  Let me know how you feel about it, but a quick browse through the Internet to see other patterns created by artists will help resolve any concerns you have. Will you – create one or more patterns this month?

April 2013 Challenge – WANTED – Too many cooks in the kitchen

Lets tell a progressive story one or two scenes at a time.  First person to post, gets to begin the story, but each artist is not allowed to post again until there are at least two additional contributions from other artists.  Artists will contribute their own vision of the story, going with the flow of what the previous artist established.  Think of it as animation improve in storyboard form.   In the end, we should have one wacky story that sort of flows, created by multiple contributors.  

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