Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Infusing creativity to daily life!

Sort of a long post, but in my attempt to infuse creativity into daily life, I realized how boring I was being with my own families blog.  So I took a few photos, and wrote a fun poem to tell the story.  It was challenging, because I have very specific photos that I had to talk about, and find a genius way to create the rhymes.  Had a lot of fun with it.  Sort of inspires me to be more creative with the family blog.

I posted a smaller version here, but you can see the bigger images at my family blog.


Two Little Trolls

Two little trolls named Allie and Sloane
Two little trolls who will not let alone.

Two little trolls, devious and mischievous
Breaking and dumping, and completely oblivious
Causing stress and messing messes quite grievous.

Two little trolls reeking havoc in halls, in kitchens, on rugs, on couches and chairs.
We clean up each mess as we pull out our hair.

So pray for us, we’re slow, we’re tired and our heads are a spinning
And lets hope it’s a phase end, and not a phase beginning.

Two little trolls, grab a quick bite to eat.
I am sure the huge mess, was never their intent,
We’re just glad they didn’t add a bit of two percent.

 Two little trolls playing with knives
Sharpened edges, risking their lives,
But the mischief survives
And the mischief still thrives
But these sorts of things usually happen in fives.

 Two little trolls, now onto the pasta
Oodles of noodles from egg to spaghetti, rigatoni, fettuccini and even macaroni
What ever should we do with troll Alley and troll Sloaney!
And lets not forget, the onions the garlic and popcorn,
Scattered with bites and peels all forlorn. 
Can’t a mom, just get a small break,
and have two little trolls that aren’t such a headache?

 Two little trolls, with a craving for bread,
The loaf gave quite a fight, but ended up dead
Destroyed and demolished, what to do next?
why face painting Sloane’s face, with green, blue and red.

What is a day for a troll without a few good books,
But of course not for reading, nor looking nor chattering.
But for spreading, and shredding, and skittering and scattering.

 And go ahead, load up your truck with our chocolate chips,
I know your addicted trolls, but now we have zero!

Oh two little trolls, what did you do now?
This mess, well this mess is a real moon jumping cow.
Seriously!!  Cream of wheat all over the place!
We vaccum and vaccum, and dump case after case. 
We had to wash the entire couch and the chair.
Now don’t you give me that glare!

 And of course Christmas, it doesn’t come with its share
Of destruction and mayhem, we are quite aware,
But tipping over a tree was quite an assault,
But at this point baby, it’s your own darn fault.

Two little trolls, keeping are hands full to the brim
Sometimes you wonder, when will we ever win?
They are cute as a button, with personality that shines.
We guess we can take the mayhem, the messes and whines.
We will survive, we’ll move on, and we will make-do.
I just wonder
What comes next?
Ohhh, just a little baby doll voodoo.


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