Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I suck at drawing.

Okay, I did some drawings the other day, and was frustrated at how unskilled I felt.  So I decided I need to renew my sketching, and focus on sketching less from the mind, and start sketching from life.  I have wandered too far from reality, and my drawings suck because of it.  I need to draw cars, plants trees, buildings, etc, things I see in real life, so I better understand their nature.  

My first step was to study facial expressions, and I have a book full of facial expressions, so I did some drawings from that.  I tried some really quick as well as some longer studies.  It was very helpful, because I start to realize everything that goes into a facial expression.  Most notably this time around I was noticing how much the nose changes shape with each expression, and how important the muscle at the bottom of they eye is in conveying expression.  

Inspired by superman to start the new year, I am rededicating myself this year to making my drawings a lot better.  (also to finishing the graphics to this blog)

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