Friday, June 18, 2010

Octopii attempt 1

I am making a big wood monstrosity for my living room so I needed to start some sketches for it. And I was kinda thinking what better to put up on your wall when you live in a desert but an octopus. Plus, you know how I feel about Blue planet and glowy fish at the bottom of the ocean. I was thinking an octopus would be a good starting point since it has been eons since I have sketched anything other than people. What could be easier than drawing a bunch of swirling lines? But alas, the anatomy of an octopus started tangling my brain. FUN fun fun to attempt though.


  1. sweet sketch!! I like how it almost looks like it is running as if on land.

  2. Why are so so amazing? I love him. He can visit my desert anytime.